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South Island of New Zealand’s largest city Christchurch is known for its English Heritage. The city is located on the east coast of South Island. It is the oldest city established in New Zealand. Agriculture is the main source of the economy of Christchurch. This city is one of five gateway cities of Antarctic exploration. There are many tourist attractions in Christchurch like Hagley Park, Christchurch Botanic Gardens. But the sudden earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 destroyed many historical places. Despite this Tram, Gondola, Punting, Grand Tour, and Term Restaurant are still, tourists’ attractions.

Education in Christchurch:-

Christchurch is a good place to have desired education. New Zealand’s fourth-largest school is in this city. There are Co-educational schools as well as single-sex schools in Christchurch. The government provides 13 years of formal education which is divided into two stages-

  • Primary Education (1 to 8 years)

    Secondary Education ( 9 to 13 years)

Some Co-educational schools are-

  • Burnside High School
  • Cashmere High School
  • Papanui High School
  • Riccarton High School

The single-sex state schools are-

  • Shirley Boys’ High school
  • Christchurch Boys’ High School
  • Avonside Girls’ High School
  • Christchurch Girls’ High School

There are also many independent schools and church schools like St Thomas of Canterbury College, St. Margaret’s College, Christ’s College, St. Bede’s College, Marian College, Catholic Cathedral College, St Andrew’s College, Villa Maria College in Christchurch.

Tertiary Institutions:-

There are many tertiary education institutions that many tertiary education institutions have campuses in Christchurch. They are as follows-

  • Ara Institute of Canterbury
  • Lincoln University
  • University of Canterbury
  • University of Otago, Christchurch

The courses offered in these universities are Animation, Engineering, Medicine, Business Studies, Engineering Forestry, Hospitality, IT and Computer Science, Agriculture. Besides all these, there are other important colleges in Christchurch like

  • Christchurch College of Education (CCE):- The college was founded in the year 1877. The college has also Health and Human Department.  Later this college was merged with the University of Canterbury in 2007.
  • University of Canterbury:- It is the 2nd oldest university in New Zealand. The university was founded in 1873. The university has an international reputation for academic excellence. The university provides undergraduate and post-graduate courses with intellectual independence, critical thinking, and professional excellence. The university’s departments are College of Arts, College of Engineering, College of Education, Health and Human Development, College of Science, School of Law, UC Business School.

Assignments and their Significance:-

The assignment is a kind of given project based on a particular subject or chapter or lesson. Sometimes it becomes lengthy and sometimes it is completed within two or three pages. It is an overall knowledge of the given subject or lesson. Why assignments are important:-

  • Assignments are given on several topics. So students have to research the given topic to prepare it. So the knowledge of the topic or the lesson can be enhanced by this. Students’ cognitive development also happens due to this.
  • When assignments were not a part of education, many students have the average knowledge of a subject or topic. They do not have any clear concept. When assignments came as a part of education and exams, students started to read books thoroughly because without this they can’t prepare an So students can gain detailed knowledge of the subject or topic or lesson.
  • Assignments carry good marks in the examination.
  • Assignments are given to complete within a scheduled time. When a student can complete the given task within the given time, their time management skill is developed.

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