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Have you heard about the famous Green Ocean Road?  Yes, it is in Victoria, a state in Southeast Australia. The name of this state came from the famous Queen Victoria. Victoria is surrounded by mountains, national parks, wineries, and surfing beaches. The capital of Victoria in Melbourne.

The highest elevation of Victoria is Mount Bogong with a height of 1986m. The total population of Victoria is about 6,680,648. There are lots of tourist attractions in this state of Australia. They are Federation Square, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Eureka Tower, Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition Building, etc.

Education in Victoria:-

Victoria follows three-step Education Construction:-

  • Primary Education( Primary School- 5 to 12 years)
  • Secondary Education ( Secondary Schools or Secondary Colleges- 12 to 20 years)
  • Tertiary Education (Universities and TAFE Colleges)

Education is compulsory for the age groups of 6 to 17 years in Victoria. Students have to continue schooling for 13 years. There are highly qualified and reputed teachers to associate with the students. Students from different backgrounds get the opportunity to learn the best. Primary schools are divided into prep, kindergarten. There is a co-education system in this Australian state. But there exist some single-gendered schools also. Schools take place weekly for five days. School timing is from 8-30 a.m. to 3-30 p.m. from Monday to Friday. The academic year starts from late January or early February and continues to mid-December. Students are taught for better academic results. There is a facility of a practicum-based program, called ‘Teaching Rounds’.

Computer courses are also compulsory for students. There is a specific uniform for all students in Victoria. The capital Melbourne achieved the 3rd rank in QS Best Student Cities 2018. After completion of the post-secondary system, students can take the University Education System. There are near about 100 private colleges and Institutes to offer career skills and qualifications and English Language, Professional, Executive Development Programs also.

Universities in Victoria:-

There are lots of highly ranked Universities in Victoria. Courses like Arts and Humanities, Business, Computer and IT, Education, Engineering and Science, Health and Biomedicine, Law and Justice, Sports and Exercise are taught in universities of Victoria.

Let us have a glimpse of the top 3 famous universities in Victoria are:-

  1. Victoria University:- It is a dual-sector tertiary institution and public research university in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The university provides courses in both Higher Education and Technical and Further Education ( TAFE).  The university was established in the year 1916. Research in various fields is done at this University. In the Times Higher Education World University, Victoria University ranked between 351 to 400.
  2. University of Melbourne:- The globally Engaged, comprehensive, and research-intensive university of Melbourne was established in the year 1853. It is the number 1 university in Australia. The reputed university ranked 31st in the world according to Times Higher Education World University.  Bachelor of Arts, Agriculture, Biomedicine, Commerce, Design, Fine Arts,  Music, Oral health, Science, etc are the courses offered by the University.
  3. Monash University:- The 2nd oldest University was founded in the year 1958. The university has a research and training center, graduate research school. Arts, Information Technology, Education, Law, Nursing Health are offered by the University. The university ranked 55th in the QS World.

The purpose of Assignments:-

Assignments are a kind of easy or paragraphs related to a specific topic.  One can gain the overall knowledge of a particular subject or topic or a chapter from an assignment. Assignments are full of theoretical and practical ideas of a given task.

  • Skill development:- Students apply their own expression through an assignment. So they can develop their skills. A student can develop their writing skills into a great extent and can perform better in exams. Most of the assignments are thinking-based. So the thinking skill is also developed by creating an assignment.
  • Better performance:- As a student can develop their skills through assignment, so they can perform better in the exam hall.
  • Time management:- Assignments are given to complete within a fixed time. When students complete their tasks within the given time, they can develop their skills of time management.
  • Better knowledge:- Students have to collect ideas from various books, websites, articles, magazines to prepare an assignment. Thus they can gain vast knowledge about various types of fields, subjects, and many other things.
  • Common sense:- An assignment is full of real-life examples, incidents. In this way, students can improve their common sense of surroundings.

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