AMA Referencing

The American Medical Association (AMA) referencing system has long been a cornerstone in the field of academic writing, enabling researchers and authors to acknowledge the contributions of others to their work. Developed by the American Medical Association, this citation style ensures that proper credit is given to sources that have influenced or supported an author’s … Read more

AGLC Referencing

AGLC Referencing Style: A Comprehensive Guide for Academic Writing In the realm of academic writing, proper referencing is a crucial aspect that ensures credibility and integrity. One widely used referencing style in Australia is the AGLC (Australian Guide to Legal Citation) style. Developed by the Melbourne University Law Review Association and now in its fourth … Read more

Vancouver Referencing

The Vancouver referencing style, a numerical system widely utilized in the medical sciences, continues to be an essential tool for researchers and academics. This unique style allows for easy citation within text, tables, and legends through the use of numbers instead of traditional author-date formats. By employing the Vancouver referencing style, scholars can maintain consistency … Read more

Oxford Referencing

Oxford Referencing, a widely-used citation style in academic writing, sets itself apart from other popular styles such as Harvard and APA with its use of footnotes at the bottom of the page. While styles like Harvard and APA rely on in-text citations within the body of the text, Oxford presents its references in a more … Read more

MLA Referencing

The Modern Language Association (MLA) is renowned for its development of the MLA style, a referencing method widely used by students and scholars in the humanities. The MLA style serves as a guide for writers to properly cite and reference their sources in academic papers, ensuring that information is accurately attributed. Comprising of two components, … Read more

Chicago Referencing

Chicago Style Used Footnotes, While APA Does Not Require Them In the world of academic writing, proper citation is a crucial aspect that ensures credibility and integrity. Two widely used citation styles, Chicago and APA, differ in their approach to citing sources. One notable distinction lies in the use of footnotes – a feature inherent … Read more

Harvard Referencing

Harvard style referencing is an author date method commonly used in academic writing. It provides a clear and consistent way to cite sources within the body of an assignment, allowing readers to easily locate the original material. This referencing style requires the name(s) of the author(s) to be provided followed by the publication year of … Read more

APA Referencing

The APA referencing style, also known as the American Psychological Association style, is widely used in academic writing. It follows an author-date format for citations within the text. This means that when citing sources, writers include the author’s last name and the year of publication in parentheses. This style allows readers to easily locate the … Read more