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Engineering Assignment Help Sample

Table of Contents- Introduction. 3 Discussion. 3 Conclusion. 7 Introduction- TED is the acronym for the term Technology, Entertainment and Design. The objective of this media organization is to spread the knowledge worth sharing for good and benefit of mankind.  Ted ed is the You Tube channel which communicates with the mass through various informative […]

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Business finance Samples

Table of Contents Introduction. 3 Description of the company. 3 Calculation and analysis of financial ratios. 4 2.1 Liquidity ratio. 4 Current ratio. 4 Acid test ratio. 5 Fixed asset turnover 5 2.2 Profitability ratio. 6 Net profit margin. 6 Return on capital employed. 6 Gross profit margin. 7 2.3. Market value ratio. 7 Dividend […]

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Nursing Pharmocology Case study samples

Student Name Course Name 3rd Sep, 2018 Q1a. Assess Mr Laurent’s medication chart and identify and explain two (2) significant risks that may be associated with the use of these medicines Mr Laurent is suffering from two conditions named Hypotension and Hypoglycaemia. Hypotension is an abnormal lowered level of blood pressure condition. The pressure of […]

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