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Human Resource Management



Question 1


What does Strategic HR mean?

Strategic human resource is the process that attracts rewards, develops and retains employees for the benefit of both the company and employees in the organization as a whole. Any organization that practices human resource management together with other companies work independently towards the primary goal of the organization.

Therefore the goal of any human resource department is to strategize and align goals and reflect upon the goals in the entire organization. Strategic human resource management is a partner to the success of any organization (Watkins, 2013). It utilizes opportunities and talent within the HR departments thus making the departments stronger and active. When human resource strategies are developed towards training, recruitment as well as compensation, it ensures greater chances of organizational success

The alignment of Human resource strategy has a broader business goal which is essential. Therefore each leader needs to understand the need for innovation to contribute to wider business opportunities efficiently. It is important also to ensure that HR as similar goals as those of the business for easy approval and innovation projects. Alignment of strategies with such goals puts the Human resource in a better position for innovation as well as better performance of the company in the future.

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Employees in the organization reflect all elements to in attaining the Business strategy for instance skill, attitude, competencies, reward, recognition, satisfaction due to effective promotion policy, desired behaviors to keep the customer satisfied, performance, requisite passion, team spirit, etc. It is all of this that translates into the business numbers of productivity, growth and profits. Aligning HR with business strategies makes sense and helps ensure the company can realize goals.  With HR at the planning table, HR can forecast how many people will be needed and with what skills.  With the world changing every moment with new technologies and newer possibilities the company that manages change best will most likely best its competitors. The HR staff should train the company workforce to figure out how to capitalize on a changing business environment and train company leaders to embrace the opportunities change can bring. Thus an alignment between the two has become a necessity.

Question 2

Thoughts about HR Functions in today’s world

Human resource has responsibility for organizing hr effectiveness activities since they will be dealing with people of different lives and careers. The hr has to multi-task while dealing with employees issues (Mohd, 2011). However, business priories have to be to ensure the smooth running of the company. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the HR to ensure all activities within the organization are running smoothly.

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Human resource management is recognized part of the integrated management that is concerned with a human resource of any organization. It is therefore objective in the maintenance of human relations in organizations through the development, evaluation and application of policies and procedures relating to human resources. The activities are essential in optimizing the contribution towards achieving the organizational objectives.


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