Revision and Refund Policies

Revision and Refund Policies

Assignmenthelped is one of the leading websites for assignment help. Students can contact for assignment help whenever they want. Sometimes they think, what if they do not like our writing? When are the reappointments available or not? Here are the answers; yes we have refund policies. Just take a look at the terms and conditions of our refundpolicies:

No cancellation charge:

when students take an online appointment, it can be possible that somehow they want to cancel their order. If they cancel an order instantly then no cancellation charge will be applied. Just make sure do take much time to cancel. If our writer starts work on it then, she/he has to be paid and you can not cancel the order.

Easy refund:

We follow the online transaction mode and provide payment receipts against everytransaction. If you think you pay twice for one assignment somehow then two different payment receipts will be sent to your contact details, such as phone number or email id. Then the deducted money will be returned to you. No need to worry.

Keep the payment for the future:

As we have so many good and scholar writers, but sometimes it can b happen that instantly we can not assign any writer for your order. Then your payment will be secured with us for your next assignment. You do not have to pay for that as your previous payment will be considered as advance payment.

We take orders instantly:

We take ordersinstantly after the payment is done. Just make sure complete material with proper guidelinesis given. Otherwise, our writers will be considered the initially written points as instruction. Our customer service is open 24×7. Make an order through our website and leave your name, email, and project details with payment. As we take orders very quickly, same we return the solution on time. Deadlines are always be maintained by our experts.

You can have enough time to revise:

Our efficient writers do so much research to meet all the criteria applicable for your assignments. They will return a complete solution. After receiving the order, you will have one month time period for revision. If you want to add or change something, then inform us. It will be done. After the period no kind of changes will be possible by our writers. We do not charge extra for the changes within the revision period but after that, once the revision period is over, the refund can not be issued.

We never failed:

We, the “Globe Grades” always try to enhance the academic grades of every student. We hire expert writers from several recognized universities around the world. They specializein diverse subjects. If any unfortunate circumstances arise and our material failed any students then we will refund 50% of the total payment. A refund will be added tothe wallet for a future order. Only the condition is, they have to show the fail-proof within One 1month after receiving the solution. Otherwise,we can not keep refund requests. As we pay the assigned writer in advance, so the money can not be deducted from them. That is why a 50% refund will be possible if requested within the period.

No refund for quiz and online test:

We can arrange onlinequiz contests and practice tests. Just pay in advance to make an appointment. If you failed to join the online test or quiz then no kind of refund policies are applicable. Once you book a slot for those services no kind of return/refund is possible.

Online payment mode:

Payment methods for assignments order are online. You can make the transaction through a debit/credit card. We also make refunds through online mode. Offline transactions are not entertained by us.